This Endless Sea is a moving image and installation work led by Chloë Smith, and created with a team of collaborators. Usually housed inside a specially designed coastal shelter, the work is a meditative reflection on grief, the body and a costal landscape.

Currently a specially adapted version of the work is on show at Limerick City Gallery of Art, as part of Light Moves.

Open from November 9th - January 28th 2024.

This Endless Sea is a collaborative project, brought to life by a wonderful team of artists.

Lead Artist: Chloë Smith (she/her)

Film Direction and Editing: Lucy Cash (she/her)

Composition and Sound Design: Kim Moore (she/they)

Producers: Charlotte Mountford (she/her) and Luke Collins (he/him)

Design: Bethany Wells (she/her)

Mentor: Ellie Harrison (she/her)

Photographer: Jassy Earl (she/her)

Cinematographer: Ole Birkeland (he/him)

Hut Fabrication: Matt Sykes-Hooban (he/him)

Text and Process Support: Luke Pell (they/he)

Field Recording: Pete Smith (he/him)

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